Want a medical virtual assistant for your health care services company? Find out what to look for!


Many online business owners have watched the popularity of social media sites grow by leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. They have also come to the realization that these social media sites would be a wonderful way to do some small business marketing of their business. The problem that most online business owners encounter is the fact that they do not have the time to consistently focus their marketing energy on these particular sites. A way to combat this issue is to hire a Virtual Assistant. Better even yet, hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant. This is a Virtual Assistant who is well versed in social media sites and how to market on them.


Sounds easy enough right? Actually there are a few tips and suggestions to take into consideration when hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant. Remember you are not just hiring a Virtual Assistant, you are hiring a Virtual Assistant who “specializes” in social media. When locating one of these VA’s you will want to inquire about their experience. Ask what social media accounts do they utilize on a regular basis, how many followers/friends they have, if they have ever managed a business account before, and their ideas for promoting your business on these sites.


Usually dependent upon the answers to these particular questions, you will be able to decipher if they do in fact know how to implement social media management correctly.


Once you choose a Social Media Virtual Assistant it is important that you check up on her, especially in the beginning. Once you feel comfortable and are starting to see the traffic on your website rise, you can let her manage on her own. Just make sure that you are content with her performance from the very beginning. You do not want to find out when it is too late. If the situation is not working out, you can then continue to look for a VA who fits the bill. Many VA’s can “claim” to specialize in Social Media marketing, but the proof is in the results. Period.


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