Success Stories

Success Stories

Lakin didn’t realize that a small slip would eventually lead to a broken hip and a shattered pelvis when his accident happened back in August of last year.  Agonizing in pain, he was taken to KU Medical Center and ended up there for 10 days.

Lakin found himself in a similar situation that many can relate to—he had no health insurance.  Bed bound for three months and not able to work, he became very upset and frustrated as anyone would. He attempted calling a few places to start physical therapy but the costs were just too much.

He learned about Health Care Access from Lawrence Memorial Hospital and contacted them for an appointment.  He knew he had to start on his road to recovery and ended up speaking with the clinic manager.

“Susan helped me get settled in with the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA), and I was able to do therapy twice a week,” said Lakin.  “It was a big relief to know they were willing to help me along.” The physical therapy is a collaboration made possible by United Way funding, which brings the VNA service into the HCA clinic, making it easier to integrate comprehensive one stop care in the medical home. 

During this time, he also got unexpected news that he was diabetic.  “It was another setback, but the staff at Health Care Access was able to fill out some paperwork and get me the medication I needed to manage it,” said Lakin. 

It’s been a long road, but fast forward almost a year later and in early June Lakin was able to take his first walk without a cane.  By establishing a medical home Lakin is regaining his health and has since returned to work. 

“The VNA and Health Care Access are a great group of people,” Lakin said.  “They pushed me because they wanted me to get better but had the patience even when I didn’t want to do it.”

Mike is in his 50’s and has struggled with his mental health since his early teens. He has suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression. He grew tired of thenumerous trips to the emergency room at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and the large medical bills. “Health insurance just wasn’t an option. I would pay my monthly bill and then I wouldn’t have enough money to live on,” Mike said. Thankfully LMH referred him to Health Care Access four years ago. “Health Care Access saved my life,” he said.

Mike speaks highly of his medical home at HCA and theintegrated care services and staff. “They go out of their way to do the best job they possibly can. I am very happy with this place,” he said. “The attitude and the people here is just spot on. They are really caring.” Mike has been able to     utilize both medical services and mental health counseling at HCA and when he is in need of a prescription the staff try to find as many coupons as they can to help cover the cost. Mike noted that his providers having the ability to consult about his care and to work with him as a treatment team has been invaluable.

It has been quite the journey for Mike but for the past year he has felt like a different person. Mike says the mental health symptoms that he struggled with for so many years are now greatly improved; his mind is clearer, his thought patterns make sense and with his HCA providers help, he has built the skills that are allowing him to have numerous positive relationships and a job he enjoys.

Because of Mike’s great progress, he now visits HCA every three weeks. “I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t found Health Care Access. It’s amazing and I am grateful for such a program,” he said.