Frequently asked questions about our services, location, patient qualification requirements, parking, and more. 

1. How do I know if I qualify for Health Care Access? 

Health Care Access is for residents who live in Douglas County and meet our eligibility guidelines. While our mission is to serve the uninsured, Health Care Access will also see those individuals with catastrophic coverage or high deductible health care plans in order to provide regular access to a health home.  In addition, we cannot provide care for those individuals who have Medicaid or Medicare, or anyone who has access to a regular source of care (such as through college and university health centers, Veterans Benefits, or Indian Health Benefits).

2. How do I figure out which county I live in?

To qualify for Health Care Access, you must be living in Douglas County, Kansas. You must be living in  Lawrence, Eudora, Baldwin, Clinton, or Lecompton with a zipcode 66044, 66049, 66409, 66524, 66006, 66092 to qualify for our services. 


3.  Where is the clinic located?

Click here or click map to the right:

4. Where do I park?

There are several parking spaces on the south side of the clinic. The Medical Arts Building parking lot to the east is also available. Do not park in the lot north of the clinic as your vehicle will be towed. 

5. Is there a fee to be seen at the clinic? 

A nominal fee depending on the individual's monthly income is requested for office visits.  No one is denied care due to the inability to pay.  See the Sliding Fee Scale below for more information. 

Health Care Access' Sliding Fee Scale

Health Care Access' Sliding Fee Scale (Spanish)

6. Can I walk-in for an appointment?

A limited number of same-day appointments are available. It is recommended that you call the Clinic before you come in to minimize your wait time for these limited appointments. 

7. What if I need to be referred to another medical facility/clinic/practice?

If you are referred to Lawrence Memorial Hospital (LMH) or one of its affiliated practices as a part of your care plan, these services will be made available to you under the LMH Charity Care Policy, effective April 1, 2013. As a Health Care Access patient, you meet the LMH Charity Care requirements and we will assist you in providing LMH that documentation. Under this policy, there are minimum payments required for LMH services and a minimum $10 fee for each physician visit. As Lawrence Memorial Hospital implements this policy, HCA will do our best to assist you in determining the cost to you at the time the referral is made.
If you are referred to a practice or provider that is not affiliated with LMH, it is up to that practice as to what services they will or will not donate. If follow up appointments are needed with a non-LMH affiliated group, please find out if these services will be donated or not. You may be asked to speak to that office’s billing coordinator to arrange further payments.

8. What if I'm late to an appointment?

If you are an established patient and more than 10 minutes late to an appointment at Health Care Access, you will be asked to reschedule. New patients who are not on time for an appointment will be rescheduled. Due to our limited resources, we will not make exceptions to this rule.

9. What if I can't make it and I don't cancel my appointment? 

Health Care Access understands situations can arise that lead to missed appointments. We would like to know in advance if you cannot make your appointment so we have the opportunity to fill that time slot with someone else needing care. This courtesy has the power to increase the number of community members receiving care and reduce wait times to be seen. “No shows” to referral offices will not be allowed and can potentially lead to loss of all services at Health Care Access

10. What if the clinic is closed when I need care?

There may be times when Health Care Access is closed or has limited appointments available. We will post any schedule changes in advance whenever possible and utilize local media, social media and our website to communicate any last minute closures.

Click here for an information sheet that provides a listing of resources for both medical questions and care when Health Care Access is not open. 

11.  Can I get prescriptions through Health Care Access?

Medications are provided to patients through the Clinic in four ways:

 1. Samples - Sample medications allow HCA patients to save money and are used whenever possible. Our medication room is stocked with donations from drug manufacturing companies and area doctor offices.

  • If sample medications are available, they will be distributed to you before a prescription is filled.
  • Samples are dependent on donations and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Certain medications are not provided as samples by the drug companies including generic and over-the-counter medications.

2. Patient Assistance Program (PAP) - A majority of the drug manufacturing companies provide medications to qualifying patients through patient assistance programs.

  • Patients needing to complete a PAP application should make an appointment with the Medication Coordinator
  • Each company requires a form signed by the patient and their provider. Applications may be picked up at the Clinic between the hours of 10:00 - 4:00 Monday - Friday.
  • Companies can require proof of income, tax forms, and other qualifying information. The requirements and approval of the medication is at the discretion of the drug company and is not a decision of the Clinic.
  • This process can take 6 – 8 weeks for the first request.
  • Most medications are delivered to the Clinic in your name. In a few instances, they may be delivered to your home.
  • Until the medication is received from the drug company, we will attempt to provide samples.
  • If we do not have samples, you will be given a prescription. You are welcome to call and check if your patient assistance program medication is in before filling a prescription.

3. Prescriptions - If medications are not available through samples or Patient Assistance Programs, the Nurse Practitioner will provide a prescription.

  • If you need assistance in paying for the prescription, community resources are available. Please ask Clinic staff for additional information.
  • Many pharmacies also offer a selection of generic prescriptions at $4.00. Current lists of these are kept by Clinic staff and will be used whenever possible.

4. Diabetic Testing Supplies - Health Care Access Clinic tries to maintain a supply of test strips, lancets, pen needles and syringes for our diabetic patients. This is contingent upon funding and is not always possible. When available, supplies will be given to patients free of charge.